34 Prime

Nolan Ryan 34 Prime Beef

We take great pride in the quality of Nolan Ryan 34 Prime Beef®. It will meet your highest expectations with every bite, every time. All our cattle in the prime program are a product of the United States. Each cut is aged and hand selected by our trusted suppliers. Our Prime Beef is highly desired for its marbling, juiciness, tenderness and flavor. And in case you were wondering where the name comes from, 34 was Nolan Ryan’s jersey number, which has been retired by both the Houston Astros and Texas Rangers.

Nolan Ryan 34 Prime Beef Specifications:

  • USDA Prime Beef (Highest possible grade of USDA beef)
  • All-Natural*
  • Product of the USA
  • Wet aged for a minimum of 14 days to ensure tenderness and great flavor
  • Hand selected by trusted suppliers
  • Small box program available
USDA Prime beef means quality.  With 6% or less of all beef grading up to USDA Prime, it is the superior grade.  Prime beef gives you the best eating experience due to an abundant amount of marbling and being derived from younger beef.  All these aspects lead to a more tender, juicy and flavorful piece of meat, and with Nolan Ryan Beef, your customers are guaranteed to have enjoyable eating experience on every occasion.

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*Minimally processed, contains no artificial ingredients