Texas Angus Beef

Nolan Ryan Texas Angus Beef

The cattle selected for Nolan Ryan Angus Beef are raised by ranchers who truly care for both the land and the animals. The cattle spend most of their life grazing on grass pastures in a stress-free environment and are then finished on a high quality, grain diet. This ensures beef with a higher degree of marbling as well as consistency with tenderness.

Cattle are then handpicked by a Nolan Ryan Beef expert for quality, tenderness and taste. Every part of the program is closely monitored to ensure humane treatment of the animals, which we know leads to a better beef eating experience – every time.

By incorporating our USDA Certified Tender program Nolan Ryan Angus Beef meets and exceeds normal selection criteria to provide exceptional tenderness.

When shoppers purchase Nolan Ryan Angus Beef they know they are selecting high quality beef products they can be proud to serve family and friends.

Nolan Ryan Angus Beef is also available at several retail and foodservice establishments nationwide. Click here to find Nolan Ryan Beef near you.

Nolan Ryan Texas Angus Beef Specifications:

  • Black Angus
  • All-Natural*
  • Cattle are harvested in Texas
  • Product of the USA
  • USDA Choice or higher for optimal marbling
  • Pasture raised and grain finished for juicy, flavorful beef
  • Wet aged for a minimum of 14 days to ensure tenderness and great flavor
  • USDA Certified Tender** program to deliver consistent and uniform product

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*Minimally processed, contains no artificial ingredients
**Certain cuts available for program